Saturday, 21 September 2013

Ferns fossils and freplaces

Hi there

3 weeks since my last post and I have been so busy.  We had a log burner installed in our living room so since that was done, we have had to complete redecorate it.  We weren't sure what to do about the fire surround - whether just to install a mantelpiece or get a complete fire surround.  So I decided to try a bit of clarty crafting and see what would happen and here is the result. 

Fired up fossils

I thought as the hearth was made from slate which often contains fossils and as I had received a fossil stamp from +Clarity Stamp as part of their design club, it would make a good theme.  I also had a fern stencil obtained from +the stencil library some years ago which completes the design.
I used a match pot in black to create the outline within the main part of the wall to make a faux fireplace and used the colour I have on the other three walls for the background colour of the insert. To stamp and stencil I used adirondack Espresso stamping ink.  A word of warning though - if you make a mistake it takes several coats to put right!!  I hope you like the overall effect though.

PS.  Arada Stoves who make the villager esprit woodburner that we had installed has also put a picture on their face book page - how exciting is that!!

Hmmm +Sheena Douglass has some amazing stamps out right now on +Create and Craft and I can really see that Koi on my bathroom walls....

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  1. Hi Lesley I had no problem finding your blog !
    and what a lovely blog it is.
    Your fireplace looks really good and you should be very proud
    It's amazing how far you have come... all those talents hidden for so long.
    Look forward to seeing you soon

  2. Hi Lesley, found you at last! Thanks for your lovely comment today and yes, I'm really looking forward to some retail therapy at Harrogate, not looking forward to the 6 am wake-up call though! Love your fireplace, its so elegant and I'm not surprised the stove company has this pic on their facebook page. You never know, it could lead to some comission work. See you soon, Margie x

  3. Thank you both for taking the time to have a peek and leave such lovely comments. I'm still struggling with the template, so may need some lessons!


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